Gallery: 1970 911T Hotrod “Blue Dog”

“Blue Dog” 1970 911T Hotrod – Former Owner: TLG

This particular car was Marco’s first 911. Abandoned at the shop by a long-time customer, it was eventually donated to the younger Gerace to see if he had the chops; as you can see from the end result, he did. The car was a complete basket case when we acquired it, and John Espositio was enlisted to help get the body squared away. From the outset it was decided that this car would not be a clone of any other 911. Rather, this 911 was going to pick and choose from the Porsche parts bins and, in a sense, unify the ages. The end result was quite satisfying.

The spec sheet on the car is quite lengthy, but the really fun details are as follows: high compression 3.0L twin-plug with MFI, RSR front struts with raised spindles, aluminum trailing arms, 930 brakes, RSR hill-climb transmission, 951 7X16 front and 8X16 Fuchs wheels under hand-made rear flares, factory 911ST seats, SWB rubber floor mats, SWB one-piece knee bar, 901 window cranks and horn button, 380mm steering wheel, factory 180mph speedo, parrot-head shift knob and a single sun visor.