Gallery: 1970 911T Hotrod Porsche

1970 911T Hotrod – Owner: Dave Donnelly

When this car first came to us it was the perfect example of an original, unmolested early 911. At some point in its life it had received a crappy repaint in a non-original orange, but otherwise the car was in fantastic shape. The body and chassis were straight and true and showed no signs of ever having been in a heavy collision; the car was mechanically sound and the engine, gearbox and suspension were in fine working order. However, the car was starting to show its age and the owner thought it was time to give it a new lease on life. The decision to return the car to the original color was an easy one – Signal Orange being a far better option for a Porsche than “Orange Julius.” Along with the new paint the car also got a mechanical upgrade – SC front suspension, a 3.0L with PMO carburetors and an M&K muffler and a late-model 915 trans with an 8:31 ring and pinion and electric speedo. 911R-style lighting and deck-lid hinges were also installed and a pair of replica 911R bucket seats and subtle interior modifications give the car a clean, race-inspired simplicity. This car is one of the most well-rounded early 911s that you’ll ever find … it’s fast, comfortable, smooth, responsive, easy to drive and turn-key reliable.