Gallery: 1972 911ST Porsche

1972 911ST Re-creation – Owner: Anonymous

This car started life as a 1972 911T. We modified this 911 a number of years ago for the previous owner who wanted a low-key, early 911 hotrod with a slight RS theme. It has a TLG-built 2.9L Webber-carbureted twin-plug engine built on the original, matching-numbers engine case and backed by a late-model 915 gearbox replete with electric-speedo 7:31 ring and pinion, close ratio gears and a limited slip differential. The car had dealer-installed air conditioning with the lines running through the passenger?s side rocker panel; when the A/C system was removed a pair of oil lines for the RSR-style front cooler were installed in their place. Suspension upgrades include an SC front end with Bilstein struts, 21/26mm torsion bars front and rear and Smart Racing bushings all around. As the car moves into the third phase of its life it will once again undergo a transformation ? from RS-style hotrod to 911ST re-creation. Mechanically the car will remain fairly unchanged; it will retain the 2.9 twin-plug motor, custom gearbox and uprated suspension. However, the exterior will be modified to complement the car?s already potent mechanical underpinnings. Keep an eye on this gallery and follow along as this ?72 911 undergoes its transformation.