Gallery: 1973 911T Porsche

1973 911T Hotrod – Owner: Christian Stevens

The road we’ve travelled with this car and its owner, Christian, has been a long one. The car was originally brought to us because the engine – recently rebuilt by another shop into a 2.7L with E cams – wasn’t running anywhere near its potential and Christian was at the end of his rope. TLG was the last stop for the 73T – if we couldn’t fix it the car was going on the chopping block. It took some doing but, eventually, we got the engine squared away; as soon as she was running properly the car started to come into its own. The relationship betwen car and owner began to strengthen and Christian started using the car as a daily driver; he also started participating in POC autocross events and track days. The interior was completely redone by Levon’s Custom Upholstery from the carpets to the headliner. The car’s suspension was set up extremely harsh and, while effective at the racetrack, was not a good comprimise for the street. We rebuilt the suspension with Smart Racing bushings and slightly softer sway bars, but an aggressive, competition-based alignment and R-compund tires help maximize performance. The end result was a much more livable street car that is more compliant, predictable and confidence-inspiring at the track. Currently the car and its owner hold the track record for their respective class in the POC at the Streets of Willow.